You are currently viewing Prayer chain for people in need durig Covid era!

Prayer chain for people in need durig Covid era!

Join us! And pray for those in need!

Situation in Greece and Bosnia got worse for refugees. Official camps on Greek islands are crowded and hygiene is very low. Volunteers are not able to help that much anymore since there are restrictions due to the COVID-19. Also, Bosnian unofficial camps have lack of supplies. Since we are not able to help personally, we want to pray for those people. Please join us! Pray for safety, food and hygiene needs providing, calming of the protests in Greece, solidarity for refugees and also Greece, urgent relocation of people from Aegean islands, at least for unaccompanied minors, safety on the sea, safety and blessing for volunteers helping people in need, Christians with open heart for people in need, love, faith and hope for people in camps.Our prayer chain will be held on Sunday 10th, from 5 a.m. till midnight. You can sign on the list as an individual or your whole group. (No problem to join more people during same time!)