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Collecting crown by crown with Givt!

Add the Pomocník — Assistant by Givt and you will contribute 50 CZK to Christian Refugee Service

28–30 July 2020

Dear CRS friends!

You can help us at no cost at all!
Download Givtí Pomocník (Givt Assistant) into your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera)
and we will get 50 CZK from Givt. Just for the installation! The offer is available 28–30 July 2020.
Add the Pomocník (Assistant) here 

With Givt Assistant, you can shop online as you are used to but a part of the sum paid for your order will go to our organization to serve a good cause. What is important is that you will pay no extra
money and the Assistant will always remind you about the option to donate, when possible.

Thank you for all downloaded Assistants and for sharing this post among people close to you, we appreciate it a lot! Crown by crown! (We want to go to help in Athens, where people are living on the streets without any provision and 50 CZK is an amount high enough to buy e.g. hygienic articles or nonperishable

Thank you for helping with us!

Your CRS