Prayer Support

If you want to pray for our organization and our clients, you can use some of our prayer requests:

    • people opening their hearts to migrants’ needs
    • wisdom and openness for lawyers and other specialists helping our clients
    • patience, courage and strength for asylum seekers during the procedure for international
    • safety for people on the road
    • children on the road
    • political situation concerning migration

Current prayer needs are to be found on our Facebook page, in the News section or in our Newsletters.

Financial Support

Why to give? No matter if you give finances, your own time, material help or your prayers, there are many reasons for giving!

    • Giving is liberating (Matthew 6:21)
    • Giving brings great joy (Acts 20:35, Proverbs 11:24-25)
    • Giving is based on Scripture (Acts 20:32-35, 1. John 3:17, Luke 6:38)
    • We are highly motivated by gratefulness (John 3:16, Mathew 7:11) 

Let’s help together:

Christian Refugee Service:

IBAN: CZ8720100000002001727868


*this account is used to cover these costs: legal services, CRS operations, educational activities

Hope for Nations Project:

IBAN: CZ0520100000002601742826


*this account is used to cover the costs of missionary, humanitarian and social help

Voluntary Service

Would you like to join us? No matter if you are a specialist (a lawyer, psychologist, interpreter, health professional) or someone without special education, you can offer our clients much! Sincere desire to help is enough!!!

Whatever form of support you want to offer, contact us and we would love to talk about your opinions and suggestions!

Send us a message at or submit our contact form!

We look forward to you!

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