We provide free assistance and legal services to foreigners

Who we are

Christian Refugee Service is an Non-Governmental Organisation based on Christian values offering high‐quality comprehensive services for refugees. We provide or arrange legal help in aliens law as well as in other law areas. Our activities include help with everyday problems and organizing journeys with humanitarian purposes. We arrange and provide spiritual support and aim to integrate our clients into society.
We provide legal services, form a network of professionals, create educational materials, organize raising awareness activities for the public and cooperate with other organizations in helping refugees.
Our legal services come as a preventive step against violations of the right to a fair trial.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


Athens II.

Dear friends, today (October 18, 2023) the mini team (ladies – Ilona and Dorka) is returning from the trip to Athens. This is the second time we have served in Athens this year. What’s going on in Athens? The situation in Greece has been problematic for a long time. The Greek system is trying to


Humanitarian aid - Greece

Dear friends, shortly before leaving for the mission trip, we sent the rest of the humanitarian aid to Greece for families with small children. We have thus ended the gradual sending of items for babies and small children. At the moment, hygiene items and underwear are mostly needed staff, which we bought in addition to


Our Services

Legal services

We offer help in Asylum/Alien law and other needed branches of the law

Spiritual services

We arrange spiritual conversations, evangelization meetings, missionary journeys etc.

Social services

We provide help in difficult life situations, accompanied by support and assistance./p>

Educational events

We offer educational events for pupils and students, the general public or experts.

Our Team

Mgr. Ilona Machandrová

Chairman, lawyer

Mgr. Ludmila Špoková

Vice‐chairman, lawyer

Mgr. Ondřej Novák


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