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Dignity for refugee women in Athens!

Dear friends!

CRS cooperates with Greek Forum of Refugees, and its wonderful Photene in Athens. Photee works to help women in difficult situations. This help is essential for us. Why?

The situation they find themselves in is very difficult, often hopeless… Imagine that:

You are the mother of two small children, and you live with them in a refugee camp near Athens, Greece. You wait several weeks for the registration to be processed, and therefore you only get food for the children, so you just break off a piece of bread from them to at least ward off the worst hunger.

If you manage to get some money, you can buy something to eat or essentials for your children. The hygienic conditions in the overcrowded camp are appalling, so there is no thought of any, even basic hygiene needs.

You have to hope that some help will come… but from where, when the gates of the camp are closed to humanitarian organizations? It is tens of kilometers to Athens, so you need money for a train or bus. This is also how the story of one of the women who was forced to leave her home can look like.

Help us to cover expences of basic hygienic needs! Helps us bring back dignity!