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Athens II.

Dear friends,

today (October 18, 2023) the mini team (ladies – Ilona and Dorka) is returning from the trip to Athens. This is the second time we have served in Athens this year.

What’s going on in Athens?

The situation in Greece has been problematic for a long time. The Greek system is trying to convince people on the way to travel further with inappropriate care. Especially families with children cannot manage this, and so often live without the help of the system with limited access to the labor market in unsatisfactory conditions. 

At the moment, there are overcrowded refugee camps on the mainland. Food is distributed only to children. The sanitary conditions are of course appalling. The camps are in hard-to-reach places, in isolation, surrounded by barbed wire or concrete. Although it is not a prison, even large international organizations with help cannot get inside.

Ilona and Dorka repeatedly distributed food aid to the most needy families in front of the camp walls. Although it was more like a drop in the ocean or even an ocean, considering the number of people and our possibilities, we hope that this help was most needed!

In addition to distribution at the camps, the team had the opportunity to visit families in the city, especially single women. From Congo, Afghanistan and other countries.

Handing out gospels in different languages ​​and offering prayers were a matter of course. Both were always enthusiastically received!

Thank you for your support!

Special thanks fo Photene, Mahdia and Farzana!