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Programs for kids and teenagers!

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We received several invitations to talks and speaking to children and young people in summer
months. We had an opportunity to talk about our activities, the migrants’ situation, how we got into
this ministry and about possibilities to help at one of local church’s children camps (held by CB
Ostrava — Brethren Church Ostrava) for adolescents and at a youth meeting.

Each of these “trips” enriched us a lot! It is a chance for self-reflection, getting to know new people
and a space for mutual enrichment. We must say that all our listeners were very attentive and
curious! To our great delight, the topic of the camp we visited was The Last Train, i.e. the journey of
so-called Winton’s children, who were refugees in their time as well.

At the beginning of the school year, we also got an opportunity to speak about our humanitarian
work at a humanitarian day held by ZŠ Morávka (“Elementary School Morávka”). We are very grateful
for chances to show young people what we do, that not everything presented in media is true (or the
whole truth) and that it is worth it to fight for every person’s human rights!

In case you are also interested in our educational programmes, contact us!
Contact person: Ludmila Špoková,, 775 553 245.

We will be glad to prepare for you a custom-made programme, not only for children but for adults too!