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What do we do now?

Previous few months CRS was planning what to do next! We are still kind of stuck here in Czech Republic. However, we want to visit Greece (Athens) as soon as possible. We did our best home! Our Chinese friends live in here for few years so far, still without proper status, still waiting for OAMP (Ministry of Interior) decision.

Well we tried to make their lives better! Few sisters moved from Ostrava as they found better job opportunity elsewhere. As you can imagine, moving after few years of stay can be difficult! We helped them to pack and change the place! Thank you very much for you help Štěpán Vašíček! And wish you the best in new place sisters!

We found a new home and possible a work place as well for another Chinese brother J. He is now almost settled in bright new flat which is made by generosity of local churches and hard work of our chairman Ilona and other kindly contributing people! Thank you! Hopefully J. will be able start prospering life in there!

We are still planning to do our best to join people in need in Athens! Borders are open now, but the restrictions are stricter than we need… The end of September is our planned date, hopefully we will be welcomed with acceptable norms. Nowadays we collect money for two of “our kids” school supplies. They are the lucky ones! Our families in Athens seems to be much better thanks to our vouchers. Both families have the place to stay. Unfortunately, every kid has some psychological issue which needs to be solved as soon possible. Let’s pray for psychological health of them and other people in similar position.

We still have other legal cases to solve (apart from big Chinese case!). Currently we have a few pending court case. In connection with one of them case please let’s make a prayer for those who decide to follow Jesus no matter of its prohibition in the country of origin and fair trial.

Last but not least we make educational sessions with kids and teenagers. Since we are passionate about raising of public awareness, we also start social media project Poznáváme azylové právo (Getting know asylum law) #poznavameazylovapravo #christianrefugeeservice #crs. Hopefully short vocabulary of legal terms can may be useful. Knowing more is powerful! We hope that well acknowledge people may make their own idea about situation of the refugees, which means less discriminating, fearful people and hate speech!



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