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School need for “our” kiddos!

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Package on its way to Greece!

As we informed you by the collection, we wanted to support two of “our” children who will have a

chance to attend school this year by school supplies. The conditions the children live in are such that

even food and essentials are unavailable (although they are very lucky to have a roof over their

heads!) We support the families in a long run by food vouchers with help of Greek Forum of

Refugees. In cooperation with our dear Photene, we are kept up to date about the families regularly

and we received the great news that the children can start going to school.

The core items in the parcel were, of course, a bag, water bottle, snack box and pen case. Thanks to
material gifts, exercise books were added. Each pen case is equipped with pencils, mechanical
pencils, rubbers, scissors, a sharpener and Czech classics! We guess that not many Greek children will have got a Tornado pen and ink eraser pen, but who knows???.

Art supplies are a must. From paints to palettes and brushes! Another curiosity will probably be
Czech glue sticks! Crayons are not missing either, just as technical items — school compasses and

In the end, we added also board games, stickers and colouring books into the bags, so they will bring
a piece of happiness! (We hope so!) A huge amount of love is travelling in the parcel, so it cannot end
up differently by no way!

The children who the donations go to do not own much, that is why we did not limit the gifts only to school stuff… Each bag contains a couple of useful things too: oral hygiene items, vitamins, hair accessories or pocket hand sanitizer… We simply made use of every free space in the box to make life more enjoyable and easier for “our families” and to bring smiles to the children’s faces!

Thank you for persistently helping with us!

We could not do this without you! The parcel’s value is slightly above the raised amount, it is therefore still possible to contribute financially to the Project Hope for Nations’ account. At present, possible material gifts will not be put into the parcel anymore, still, we can accept them for use on our next journey to people in need.