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Athens September 2020

Trip of the Project Hope for Nations
19. – 26. 9. 2020

Despite all the obstacles, against epidemic measures, furious median above Greece and other difficulties we actually went to Athens, where we helped for a week people on the streets and shared the love of God.

God is good!

Even though we have not known how we were going to help, we knew, that the need for help is enormous, which conformed itself. There are many people living on the streets of Athens without any kind of help. They have no place to live, no food to eat and no access to medicals. They live in the same conditions with children and even new-borns. Our team Mateusz, Lída, Michal and Ilona meet them personally.

It turned out, that the most important need is housing. Living on the streets with kids is really hard moreover with diseases or other problems. During our week in the Athens we found safe, clean and quiet place to live for two (later three) families! At the time, they have a place to live for a month.

Let me introduce them!

This four – membered family from Afghanistan has a baby on the way. We met the family on Tuesday. 14 years old A. takes care for the family – mom in advanced stadium of pregnancy, dad in bad medical condition, and four-year-old sister Z. Both parents were exhausted, and they almost haven’t talked. They were hungry and anxious. All that they had was one pair of clothing and two small backpacks. 


We provided the family with roof over their heads but in addition to that we bought them basic groceries, fruits, vitamins for mom and kids and clothing.


Our help meant for the family calmness, mostly for mom, who is worried for months, that she will have to live with the new – born on the streets.

The change of the family after a few days was unbelievable. The last day we had a nice talk with the mother A. It made us happy, that she was able to have a doctor’s appointment, who checked the baby! She was shining with happiness and we were discussing different topics like what it is to be a woman in Afghanistan.

From streets to the safety!

That is the way, how to call this story. Thanks to Your generosity we were able to help the three –
membered family. Dad and two absolutely stunning girls have been living on the streets for a longer
period of time. For the girl’s safety, dad cut their hair short. That makes looking at the pictures from
the time before the road, where they wore nice dresses and long hair even harder. Their beautiful
mother stayed due to the major disease in Afghanistan with the youngest member of the family.
When we met the family for the first time, happy girls were the perfect opposite to their anxious and
exhausted father, but then…

With kids in the safe, beautiful and big room with bathroom he became a happy and sharing man.
We are very grateful that You are helping us help, because thanks to you, now are M. and M. in safe
and quiet place. As the previous family they received basic groceries, hygienic necessities and girls
also got some clothing. The housing provides the dad the chance to be well rested and in clean
clothing to go find a job and stable housing. Both girls could be babysitted by other family, who lives
in the hostel.

The third family, which thanks to you moved in a room in the hostel is young, three – membered,
Afghan family. We met the family on Monday, they had a roof over their heads for just a couple days.
Before that, they lived on the streets with premature new – born boy A., who was not ever three weeks old. When we visited the family, the baby had runny nose and other medical issues. We took them to the hospital, where the boy spent almost week. The little boy had nothing, just a sleeping
basket and a few pieces of clothing.





We decided to buy him some baby stuff. Primarily we wanted to prevent him from being carried wrongly and give him some warmer clothing for fall, that is upcoming. At the same time, we wanted to make the family join another family with more experienced mother, who would help nineteen – year – old Z. with the baby. Even through we did not made it while we visited them, the family is housed!


Besides from the families on the streets we met some people who have place to live, but their
incomes are so low, that very often they have problem budgeting the money for food. Some of the
families are the families, that we support with groceries cards. Zahra and her son successfully went
to Germany, so we visited another family in hard life situation.



This family consist of a beautiful mother and her five kids. On the picture you can see only the two
youngest, the other ones are at school. Regarding the fact, that the whole family got the asylum, the government method of Greece applies to them, which motivates refugees to continue on their way. Those people cannot get any humanitarian help.



The whole family was forced to move out on the end of September. Our big box filled with food seemed like it is not enough. If it would be able to, and the family would actually end up on the street, we  would like to help them with safe housing…

We also gave to “Fatima”, who is supported by us longer time, some groceries and small kitchen equipment. She, and her three daughters live in a nice place. She said that our help by groceries card means a lot to her and it gives her some stability. Her middle daughter is attending school, but the oldest suffer from very strong social phobia. During our visit we passed on a backpack, that we send before, but it came just a few days before us.


Do you remember the little author of sea and boat?


There are no words that could describe her excitement with the equipment in the backpack. Very quickly she started to get through the things. She loves to go to school. She shared the backpack content with her sisters too.


(The second backpack is waiting for its new owner, but we believe that it would not be waiting for long time.)


Kids in Athens or any other place in the world are not for sure as excited about going to school as kids of refugees.

Our next visits in families were about passing on medical drugs. For most of the refugees, medical
drugs are unavailable. Even through they visit a doctor and get prescription, they cannot afford them.

Our cooperating organisation Greek forum of Refugees (more about them later) tries to acquire
needed drugs, but with their budget they can only buy the most needed medicals. That is insulin,
other drugs for diabetics and psychiatrical drugs. All the other drugs come as second. Cause of the
way, most of the migrant suffer from hard diseases. Among refugees kids there is a high percentage
of diabetics and allergic kids, but they also suffer from other diseases, probable due to the stress,
insufficient diet, hygienic conditions,..


Thanks to your generous donations and patience of miss pharmacy we bought prescribed drugs by doctor for about 10 families for one month or more.



There were also drugs, which in normal situation would not fit into the budget (f.e. drugs for allergies or asthma).  oreover, we supplied Greek forum of Refugees with drugs, we all have at home in our  irst aid kit in case of an emergency. Drugs such as cough syrup, paracetamol, or ointment against sores for babies. Moreover, we also bought vitamins for women and children.

It was clear, at our subsequent visits, that we ripped the thorn from their heels of the families. We personally distributed the drugs among three families, other patients will pick up their medications personally, because offices of Greek forum are not that for away.

Two of our visits ended up with shopping for more gifts. From one of them we do not have pictures,
because the family did not want us to take them. The head of the family is seventeen – year – old A.
who speaks six languages. From him we got to know a lot about what it is to travel to Europe. On the
way on the boat to Greece they did not have any emergency vests and none of them know how to
swim. You just have to be an optimist!


We gave this family some art supplies, paper, beads,… This family used to live in a camp, which organised art and educational programs for kids, not the six – year – old brother A. and a bit younger sister cannot even attend school. We saw on the girl, that she is very bored and would appreciate any kind of program. She does not have any friends in Athens. One day she would like to teach math and we are praying for her dreams.


When we speak about dreams….! 

A. (third from the right) is very determined to move to Argentina and practise footbal in there. However his family would rather live in Germany. Hi is about to play in Barcelona. Well we are looking forward! (Mother and the oldest son is in the hospital. He has serious heart issues…). 

“Do you have a ball?” He said NO!…

He probably sleeps with it now! We are glad to make people as happy as A. with his ball!

Every single gift and visit was connected with one special gift!
Most of the Luke´s evangeliums given to people were in Farsi. We also distribute many SD cards with audiobible and Bible stories.

We also tried to help in the streets. What is the most need item? Medicine, diapers, baby food, underwear… The whole life is packed in one or to backpacks… Then the police come and people run to fast to take everything… 

People have asthma, allergies, insects bites (even scubies)… We spent a few hours by buying medicine and mostly needed items…. It seemd like neveranding story! We also played with the baloons and have a little talks with people living on the street. 





However camps in Greece are close for people, boys managed to visit Malakasa and helped there with the cleaning in the warehouse!

Special thanks to Greek Forum of Refugees!

We are truly blessed by cooperation with Greek Forum of Refugees! Thank you very much Photene! Photene is great friend of ours who helped us with everything!  Thank you! Special thanks also for Zahra and Jawad, who helped us to translate and to let the people and the culture know better!


Thank you! Thanks to special cooperation with Greek Forum of Refugees we are able to help in Greece even after our homecoming with no fear!


Thank you very much our prayers warriors! We were truly blessed! We had not been tested, nor in quarantine, our flights went on time, our car was in safe…. Thank you very much!

Special thanks for your generosity! Thanks to finacial aid we have been able to help!

Urgent appeal!

In this moment we provide 3 families with housing for one month. All three of them are truly in need! At least two of them will need our help in longer time. In the similar situation may also be big family of six (mummy and 5 kiddos).
To be able to help them, we need 300 euros per month. This kind of help is possible thanks to your help but not for a long period of the time. Our budget is limited. We are asking you for longer period help! Would you be able to “adopt” those in need? Would you be able to donate monthly?

A. will have to take care of new sibling soon. Her mum is scared of giving birth because she has no certainty for the baby life. Father cannot care for the family since he is ill.

M. and M. are precious girlies with many difficulties in theri life. In Hostel they have alll they need! Girls can have friend in there and attend lessons. For this family stay in Hostel means a new life!


Little Prince A. and his parents need some housing. A. is kid with special needs thanks to his earlier birth. From the street life he had a bad infection. Now he needs artificial food. We would love to pay for food coupons and the rent, so the family can start over.



We would be thankful for any financial aid!
Please pray for our friends needs!

Would you like to have personal presentation about the trip? Contact Lída na! 

Your CRS