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Prayers for those on the sea reaching a new life

We pray for those in danger on the sea…

Mediterranean Sea is considered as a huge cemetery since its is the place of the burial of hundreds of people every year.  Many people from Africa and the Middle East use the sea way to reach Europe and their new life. Many people lost their life due to the safety issues of the boats, natural causes (storms, waves) but also due to the lack of helping from European countries.

Many European countries decide not the obey international law rules, so they don´t need to care about newcomers. These activities are called push-backs. It basically means pushing boats as far as possible of the countries sea territory. Sometimes even back to Libya, or other countries.

Problem is that:

  • Boats are not prepared for longer journey,
  • Boats are crowded and messy due to the mixture of people on them
  • Libya is not safe harbor (modern slavery etc.)

Please pray with us for safety!