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School suplies for Ritsona

Dear Friends!

During previous few weeks school supplies for Ritsona found their students! Staff will be distributed during couple more weeks. Distribution is not easy due to the Covid restriction in Greece, Greek Forum of Refugees visited camp just for a while on the gate. Spending more time was not possible. However so far we have information its helping. Thank you!

Next step?

School supplies will be parted on thirds, and distibuted for a weeks. Moreover, we have some budget left for books for older kids and adults. Thank you that we have those money to spent! However, need is huge!

There are english texts books and excerise books missing. Those are very expensive. If you have some of those books in good shape, no (or very little) notes or missing pages, please consider donation and contact us ( We would be also vary happy for any other books in English. Moreover we would be also glad for having some manth books. Please consider, that month and English may be international language, Czech not so much. So preferable less words math topic, more numbers!

We akso ask for IT. In Ritsona camp school there is one computer per whole school. Usually it means 15 students looking on the one screen. IT skills are much needed these day for future empoyement. If you ahve older, but still functional computer, laptot and it is not serving any kiddo during the pandemic educational, please consider donation. Ritsona school may also use projector. Projection may also mean shortage of books need, since copies are not possible for most of the time.

Let us know, if you can help! (

Financial help account 2601742826/2010, for polish donations 11 1020 1390 0000 6302 0658 8349.