You are currently viewing “Ball Lightning” – accomodation of people from Ukraine

“Ball Lightning” – accomodation of people from Ukraine

Dearest friends!

Right before Easter holiday, we had much to do….

About the trip to Mukachevo later…. But we accomodated three famielies and furnished one more flat for Ukrainian refugees.

Thursday of April will be for ever called a s the day of “Ball Lightnining”, which is the name of older Czech movie based on trables with moving too many people and staff in one moment.  We managed! And we are very happy to announce we accomodated four familes, and help to furnished flats two others! Thanks to you, who helped to move, carry, donate staff and money…. !!!

This is not the end! This week we are planning to help some more familes, let´s keep us in your prayers!

How you can support us????

  • Do you have any staff to donate?
  • Can you help personally?

Let us know!

Financial support is possible via account of Hope for Nations, or platform Darujme – which is easy to use even fo foreigners!