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Trip Athens – april 2022

Dearest Friends!

We, Ilona and Ilona, just manage to come back from our mission trip to Athens! Ladies trip for ladies and families was blessed, from the begining to the end! Main task was to help provide basic needs (food, clothing, hyginic items) and mostly HELP to restore  project HART.

Greek policy towards migrants is mostly about ignoring their existence and needs. This way Greece hope to discourage people of the stay in this country and make them leave as soon as it is possible. Most people staying there for longer time has no option to go anywhere. Mostly families with more then one little child, sole-parent families… suffer because of hunger, lack of basic needs and socialization and zero chance to change anything…


chlapec zkoušející si sportovní boty
Balení objemného nákupu


We visited couple familes from Afghnaistan and DRC. Mostly sole-parent (mothers) families in harsh situation. We provided s.o.s. food package full of nutrional items that cannot be afforded… Cheese, jogurt, honey, eggs, oil, fruits and vegetables etc.

During the visitation we asked familes about their situation and later helped them with more of their problems… Such as buying shoes, clothes, hygienic items, as needed! Look at the boys new shoes for school!


Main goal of trip was to help our dear Photene form Greek Forum of Refugees, with her HART project to be restored. We are happy to announce, that we had a very fist HART meeting for women after the covid pandemic, in one of the camps.

What is the HARTS? Not just a workshop helping to provide families, but also great company, motivation, school and encouragement!

HARTS teach how to make really nice items, how much the work cost, how skillful you can be, if you trust in yourself and how important is to blossom. HARTS helps even second generation of girls, helping understand mothers, how to motivate their daugters!

We are happy we could help to provide basic material for workshop and hopefully we eill be able to offer you stories of our refugee friend together with their products!

žena vyšívá náramek
ženy vybírají zipy ladící k bavlnkám na vyšívání

Thank all of you, who helped us! Thank you for your prayers, financial aid and practical support!

We are so blessed!