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Help for Ukrainian households in Havířov

Dear brothers and sisters!

Huge thanks to Kuba and Martin for helping to move furniture for to more families! Thank you for donations – material and financial!
We have been able to help more families with beds and washing machine (smaller items as well!).

How the situation looks like?

Not so well… Families have flats, but with almost no furniture. Just matrasses and basic items in kitchen. Mostly they struggle being without washing machines, sometimes even fridges. We are trying to help, but it can be very expensive sometimes, even when we try to use all possible material donations and second-hand options. We still have four to five more families to help on our list, and every day more and more people ask for help.

Life on the floor without washing machine with kids may be very challenging!

Would you consider donations on those purposes???

Czech account for Hope for Nations is  2601742826/2010 (you may use online platform –  projekt Darujme)